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SDL Benchmark tool updated

The tool for comparing 2D performance with hundreds of sprites has been updated to include the preview release of SDL 3.1.1 with the Vulkan renderer. It compares SDL 1.2, SDL 2, SDL 3, HGE and SFML renderers.The new addition of the Vulkan renderer helps old GPUs (Ryzen 5 2400G APU) to show a very good…

Pac-Man Evolution game available

A new game developed with CRM64Pro is available for download. It was developed in 2018 and includes a procedural maze creation algorithm and two game modes: Standard: ghosts use Pac-Man rules. Evolution: ghosts use a trained neural network. You can also train your ghosts, evolve their neural networks, change inputs, etc., but programming skills are…

CRM64Pro 0.11.0 binaries for macOS operating system available

The macOS library of the  CRM64Pro GDK is also available for download. It has been built on macOS 11.7.

CRM64Pro 0.11.0 binaries for Linux operating system available

The Linux x64 library of the CRM64Pro GDK is also available for download. It has been built on Ubuntu 22.

Updated CRM64Pro 0.11.0 release: migrated to SDL3 and more

This new version of CRM64Pro GDK is available for downloading. It has been migrated to use new SDL3 and it includes several improvements being the most important ones: Updated versions for all internal used libraries: libpng, zlib-ng, TinyXML2, xxHash and SDL3_mixer Support to latest Tiled maps v1.10 including animated tiles (we are still working on some…