Tile Engine (MSTE C32)



MSTE is a cross-platform tile-based scroll engine for developing games using CRM32Pro SDK.

Originally it was created as a scroll engine, but after some code revisions and improvements, it reached the next evolution step and now is a powerful, stable and easy to use tile-based scroll engine which can be used for creating almost any kind of 2D game.



  • Top level entity formed by 1 or more layers:
    • Orthogonal view.
    • Any number of layers defined at run-time.
    • View-port and target surface can be modified at run-time.
    • Layers can be independent or group fixed supporting standard or parallax scrolling.
    • Auto-scrolling capabilities.
  • The layers contain the cell map data plus other attributes:
    • Any width and height size (number of cells).
    • Individual cells can have any size.
    • Cells have assigned a tile from a tileset.
    • Supports any number of tilesets and each one can be of any size. Tiles larger than cell size are extended at the top and right.
    • Alpha value attribute ranging from 0 (full transparent) to 255 (full opaque).
    • OnUpdateEnd event raised at the end of each layer update.
    • OnRenderEnd event raised at the end of each layer render.
    • Optional smooth scroll rendering getting a very nice scroll effect.
    • Adding your custom maps for managing any kind of data using C++ inheritance classes.
    • For debugging purposes, the cell borders can be rendered showing the cell grids.
  • The tilesets contain the tiles for the layers:
    • They are CRM32Pro_CTile objects and can be stored on an external file or in a DPF.
  • Supported I/O formats:
    • Native XML-based file format (MSM) that can be stored on an external file or in a DPF.
    • Import BMP/PNG images into a layer or export a layer to a BMP/PNG file.
    • Full support for TMX files from Tiled Qt 0.81 or greater.
  • Available for Windows. Also compiles on Linux and MacOS X but make files are not provided.
  • Developed in C++ using CRM32Pro SDK.


Last version: v1.10 (15-September-2012)
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32bits binaries for supported operating systems.
Documentation and reference guide with detailed information.
Source code
Source code and make files for VS2008+ and GNU C/C++ 4.x.
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