CRM64Pro GDK is the next generation library based on new SDL 2.0:

  • native 64bits support.
  • Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS X and Windows support.
  • Under Zlib license.

It is being developed from scratch using all knowledge acquired during years of development of  CRM32Pro SDK.

We have been working on it since April-2013 and currently (July-2017), a pre-release version is available for downloading.

  • Functional and finished components:
    • Main.
    • Configuration.
    • Log.
    • Archive with new CDC format.
    • Timer.
    • Tool.
    • XML.
    • Mouse and cursor interface.
    • Font.
    • GFX: special effects and primitives.
    • Image.
    • Tile.
    • Sprite.
    • TCP/IP network interface.
    • Audio.
    • GUI.
    • Resource editor (EditorC64).
    • New DRTS system.
    • New TileEngine with Tiled support.
    • General optimization of all modules.
  • These components will be added after the first release:
    • Particle system.

We will keep updating this page and additional notes will be posted on the Development Blog.


Last version: v0.966 (30-June-2017)
ChangeLog | Roadmap | zlib license

32/64bits binaries for supported operating systems and compilers.
Documentation and reference guide with detailed information.
Source code
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Previous releases
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