Nice old-style fire effect using SDL for video output.

It was originally coded in 1998 under MSDOS and was ported to Win32/Linux using SDL in 2002.

During 2004, we added MMX support and finally on 2012, SSE2 code paths were also added.

RealFire RealFire


  • Fire effect is created on a 400×300 buffer. C, ASM, MMX and SSE2 code paths are available.
  • A 2x zoom is performed over the fire effect buffer getting the final resolution of 800×600. C, MMX and SSE2 code paths are available.
  • These buffers work with a palettized surface of 8-bits and it is converted to final color depth by SDL.
  • Available for Linux (x86), MacOS X (10.4 to 10.14) and Windows (95 to 10 x86).
  • Makefile for Linux and MacOS X are not available.
  • Developed in C++ using SDL 1.2.


Last version: v1.20 (4-January-2012)
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