About us

MegaStorm is a game development team focused on cross-platform products using open source libraries led by SDL and our 2D game engines called CRM32Pro and CRM64Pro.

It was founded in 1996 by Roberto Prieto and since then, we have been working on game engines, game tools, editors, benchmarks, real-time graphics effects, video, graphics and audio formats, data compression, cryptographic systems, web development and scientific curiosities.

Many thanks to all the people who have supported and worked with us over the years. Very special mentions to:

  • Antonio Arteaga (www.stratos-ad.com) for his extensive support, specially during the very first years, helping us to contact other programmers, musicians and graphic artists, not forgetting the gift of the Watcom C/C++ v11 compiler.
  • Ernesto Carmona Macho (musician) for all his music tracks and sound effects. He was the second member to join us and his working pace and quality were incredible. To our great sadness, Ernesto has passed away, but he will always be remembered.
  • Sergio Bastida (2D & 3D graphic artist) for all his fantastic graphics and art’s concepts. He was the third member to join us and his ideas were very important. Most of his work was done for the HX Project, so it will be unveiled when we deliver the first beta version.

The soul of MegaStorm will never die, sometimes we deliver faster, sometimes slower, but we like to think that with hard work, perseverance and patience, all the projects will stop being that and become a reality.

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