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  • CRM64Pro v0.980, the pre-release version is now available

    CRM64Pro v0.980, the pre-release version is now available

    The first pre-release version of CRM64Pro GDK is finally available. This version is fully functional and has been internally used for several projects including a complex game with AI learning capabilities (to be published soon). Apart to dozens of improvements and updates, it also includes the EditorC64 (resource editor) and the new setup system (replacement for... Read More read more »
  • TitanBomberC32 game updated

    TitanBomberC32 game updated

    The bomberman-like game has been updated including the full source code for Windows (Visual Studio), macOS and Linux. The binaries for Windows 32bits are also included. The game is totally functional: up to 4 local or remote players can play a match and have the highest score saved. This version uses CRM32Pro SDK, there is... Read More read more »
  • SDL Benchmark tool updated

    SDL Benchmark tool updated

    The tool for comparing the 2D performance with hundred of sprites has been updated including the new SDL 2.26.4 version (probably the latest version for SDL2 before SDL3 replaces it) with the Direct3D12 backend renderer. According to the person that took care of the implementation, he was thinking more on potential support for Xbox than... Read More read more »