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YASM integration with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013

YASM is a great assembly compiler, it supports a lot of instruction sets, assembler syntaxes, output formats, … so since Visual Studio started to use the compiler intrinsics for some versions, in my case, for x64 code, I switched to use YASM as I don’t want to mind about different syntaxes or weird and crazy

SDL2, Direct3D11 renderer and Windows 7

SDL2 has some good renderers, specially for Windows OS: Direct3D (version 9), OpenGL, software and since a few months, Direct3D11 (version 11) was also added. The first three, have been extensively tested while developing CRM64Pro and some bugs were found, submitted and fixed so it is quite stable and ready for production games. Recently, I

Fixed forum issues and CRM64Pro update

phpBB forum had some issues that were fixed and now it is again working fine. Regarding CRM64Pro, Audio component is completed and the GUI system is finishing during next days. The idea is to release a beta version before July 2015.

New web site

We are moving to a new host and working on new web design. Until we finish with these tasks you can experience the service offline for some hours. In a few days, everything will be completed so sorry for any inconveniences it may cause you.