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CRM64Pro Beta and DPF2XML updated

A minor revision of CRM64Pro GDK with some improvements is available for downloading. As it is a beta version, only Windows 64 bits DLL version is provided. DPF2XML is also greatly improved and now is able to export/import all DPF resources to a XML file (MegaStorm Interchange XML v1.0 format or MIXv1). This MIXv1 file can

CRM64Pro v0.94 (Beta) released

And finally, the day of a beta release arrived. As of now, only two versions are released, one for Windows 32bits and the other one for Windows 64bits. Both using Visual Studio 2015 and DLLs. In addition, an almost-finished documentation is also available. The rest of the packages will come later on. You can find

CRM64Pro current state

From time to time, I tend to forget the amount of work, all the invested hours and all the effort required for finishing any piece of code. Even a small game or application, if doing it right, will take a lot of hours, days and even weeks. Developing something like CRM64Pro is not a less

How to install Caffe on Mac OS X 10.11

Deep learning is a hot topic these days and it is greatly increased by the fact that AMD/nVidia video cards can be used for accelerating the training of very complex neural networks. In the meantime, some powerful frameworks have been developed by the community. One of the most known is Caffe which is specialized in

YASM integration with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013

YASM is a great assembly compiler, it supports a lot of instruction sets, assembler syntaxes, output formats, … so since Visual Studio started to use the compiler intrinsics for some versions, in my case, for x64 code, I switched to use YASM as I don’t want to mind about different syntaxes or weird and crazy