SDL Benchmark


SDL benchmark tests the video performance of following libraries:

using different render backends: software, Direct3D and OpenGL.

Output results are stored in a HTML page with system details, table with all results and if Gnuplot is available, a nice graph is also included.

SDL-BenchmarkSDL-Benchmark Ryzen 9 5900X and NVIDIA RTX 2700SDL-Benchmark Core i7 2600K and NVIDIA GTX 970


  • This tool replaces old glSDL-Benchmark (still available).
  • Command line tool that can be customized via parameters:
    • Screen resolution.
    • Running each test time.
    • Number of sprites (there are two sets).
    • External sprite (BMP format).
    • Define if all sprites uses the same texture (fill rate test) or if they have a dedicated texture.
  • Uses the following libraries and render backends:
  • By default, it runs 100 and 1000 sprites with a size of 64×64 and dedicated textures. Screen resolution is set to 800×600.
  • Output to HTML file with a formatted table and a graphic result if Gnuplot is available:
    • Also display CPU name and caches, GPU name and drivers and Windows version.
  • Available for Windows.
  • Developed in C++ (Visual Studio 2019).


Last version: v1.30 (2-April-2023)
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