MegaStorm is a game development team focused on cross-platform products using open source libraries headed by SDL and our full-fledged game engine called CRM32Pro and CRM64Pro.

It was founded by Roberto Prieto in 1996 and since then, we have been working on game engines, game tools, editors, benchmarks, real-time graphics effects, video, graphics and audio formats, data compression, cryptographic systems, web development and science curiosities.

We have to thanks to many people that have supported us, special greetings to Ernesto C. (musician), Sergio B. (2D & 3D graphic artist) and also to Stratos for its extensive support.

The soul of MegaStorm will never die, we can work slow, step by step but we like to think that with hard work, constancy and patience, all the projects will stop being that and become a reality.


  • How to install Caffe on Mac OS X 10.11

    Deep learning is a hot topic these days and it is greatly increased by the fact that AMD/nVidia video cards can be used for accelerating the training of very complex neural networks. In the meantime, some powerful frameworks have been developed by the community. One of the most known is Caffe which is specialized in image recognition, just one of … Read more »
  • YASM integration with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013

    YASM is a great assembly compiler, it supports a lot of instruction sets, assembler syntaxes, output formats, ... so since Visual Studio started to use the compiler intrinsics for some versions, in my case, for x64 code, I switched to use YASM as I don't want to mind about different syntaxes or weird and crazy compiler keywords, I just want … Read more »
  • SDL2, Direct3D11 renderer and Windows 7

    SDL2 has some good renderers, specially for Windows OS: Direct3D (version 9), OpenGL, software and since a few months, Direct3D11 (version 11) was also added. The first three, have been extensively tested while developing CRM64Pro and some bugs were found, submitted and fixed so it is quite stable and ready for production games. Recently, I have interested on the Direct3D … Read more »