Species Evolution

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Proof of concept for learning Neural networks and genetics algorithms developed in 2012. Simulates an environment of species that must survive and create a kind of “society mind” on a 2D world.

The neural network and genetics algorithm code is based on the amazing docs created by Mat Buckland.



  • Fully customizable using external XMLs.
  • Supports OpenMP for a very fast evolution on multi-core computers.
  • Evolution can be shown on the screen (slow but nice to see) or can be done on background (very fast but no visual output is provided).
  • On screen evolution stats.
  • You can easily add new species, by default there is only one (fully customizable) named Minzoo.
  • Available for Linux (x86), MacOS X (10.4 to 10.14) and Windows (95 to 10 x86).
  • Makefile for Linux and MacOS X are not available.
  • Developed in C++ using CRM32Pro.


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32bits binaries for supported operating systems.
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Source code
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