CRM32Pro SDK  v5.22
Here is a list of all modules:
oMODULE 1: CRM32Pro main and generic functions (v2.54).
oMODULE 2: ILogSystem v2.8, log system interface.
oMODULE 3: IStuffDPF v4.32, Data Package Format interface.
oMODULE 4: IImage v3.14, Image Package Format interface.
oMODULE 5: IPrimitives v3.62, primitives interface system.
oMODULE 6: ICursor v2.82, manage cursor actions.
oMODULE 7: CTile v2.20, tile engine class.
oMODULE 8: CFont v2.74, font engine class.
oMODULE 9: IScreenFX v4.80, screen FX interface.
oMODULE 10: IButton v4.43, GUI interface.
oMODULE 11: ITimeSystem v1.80, timer system interface
oMODULE 12: CSprite v4.22, sprite engine class.
oMODULE 13: INetwork v5.00, network interface
oMODULE 14: IVideo v2.40, player video interface
oMODULE 15: ISoundFX v4.31, sound,music and FX effects interface
\MODULE 16: DataTypes v1.00