CRM32Pro SDK  v5.22
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MODULE 4: IImage v3.14, Image Package Format interface.

Detailed Description

IImage allows to manage the load/save images and stores it on DPF. It supports BMP and PNG.
It supports alpha per surface, colorkey and alpha per pixel.
We advice you to use EditorDPF to modify/add/delete image and its features.
CRM32Pro.Init() builds this interface and CRM32Pro.Quit() removes it.


class  CRM32Pro_IImage
 IImage. More...
struct  sHeaderIPF


 Used with SavePNG(). Enable default PNG compression level.
 Used with SavePNG(). Enable maximum PNG compression level.
 Used with SavePNG(). Disable PNG compression.


typedef struct sHeaderIPF sHeaderIPF

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct sHeaderIPF sHeaderIPF

IPF header