CRM32Pro SDK  v5.22
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MODULE 3: IStuffDPF v4.32, Data Package Format interface.

Detailed Description

Interface to manage all operations related to DPF (Data Package Format).
It is a secure container to avoid external modification which can be protected with password.
It uses a precached algorithm to a faster loading/saving resources for the last 32 DPFs opened.
It will close and display info for any DPF file that was not closed at CRM32Pro.Quit() time.
Internally, CRM32Pro use it to pack images, tiles, sprites, fonts, buttons and sounds.
Very useful and easy to use.
CRM32Pro.Init() builds this interface and CRM32Pro.Quit() removes it.


class  CRM32Pro_IStuffDPF
 IStuffDPF. More...
struct  DPF_BlockData
 Data block. More...


 Used with SetAccessMode(). Extremly slow access but in case of block corruption, it can read all blocks.
 Used with SetAccessMode(). Fast access but in case of block corruption, it could omit some blocks. Default setting.


typedef struct DPF_BlockData DPF_BlockData
 Data block.