CRM32Pro SDK  v5.22
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MODULE 15: ISoundFX v4.31, sound,music and FX effects interface

Detailed Description

ISoundFX is a simple multi-channel audio mixer. By default it supports 8 channels of 16 bit stereo audio plus a single channel for music.
It is a wrapper built on top of SDL_mixer with some changes, improvements and bugs fixed.
Supports XM,S3M,MOD,IT,WAV,VOC,AIFF and Vorbis OGG audio formats.
We advice you to use EditorDPF to add/delete sound and music tracks.
If you want to use it, you need to call Init() after CRM32Pro.Init().
CRM32Pro.Init() builds this interface and CRM32Pro.Quit() removes it.


class  CRM32Pro_ISoundFX
 ISoundFX. More...
struct  sAudioType
 Audio type struct. More...


typedef struct sAudioType sAudioType
 Audio type struct.