CRM32Pro SDK  v5.22
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MODULE 14: IVideo v2.40, player video interface

Detailed Description

IVideo allows to play MPEG-1 video and music stream.

It supports:
- smoothing and deblocking video stream
- scaled video playback
- centered or defined position video playback
- set any of the FXSCREEN_xx definitions (see IScreenFX for further information)
- set a function callback to be called each frame.

CRM32Pro.Init() builds this interface and CRM32Pro.Quit() removes it.

MPEG playback with OpenGL video modes will put a lot of stress on the full system (CPU,bus and video card) so it is not recommended. In case you use FX effects, it requires even a more powerful system to work fine (>1.2Ghz CPU). However, it will work but requires a special workaround, check Example05_VideoPlayer for further information.


class  CRM32Pro_IVideo
 IVideo. More...


 Switch on deblocking video stream (only MPEG)
 Switch off any kind of filter (only MPEG)
 Switch on smooth video stream (only MPEG)
#define VIDEO_PLAY_CENTER   -1
 Dump video stream centered on screen (only MPEG). Read more on SetPosition().