CRM64Pro GDK v0.11.0
A free cross-platform game development kit built on top of SDL 3.0
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Archive Manager class. More...

Inherits CRM64Pro::ManagerBase.

Public Member Functions

Sint32 info (Sint32 iMode=0)
 Request Archive Manager information.
Sint32 create (const string &sFile, Uint32 iNumBlocks=0)
 Create a new CDC file.
Sint32 close (Sint32 idCDC)
 Close and destroy a CDC.
Sint32 getNum ()
 Get number of loaded objects.
Sint32 setName (Sint32, const string &)
 This method is not implemented.
Archiveget (Sint32 idCDC=0)
 Get a pointer to the CDC using its handler.
Sint32 defrag (const string &sFile, Uint32 iNumBlocks=0)
 Defragment a CDC file.
Sint32 load (const string &sFile, const unsigned char *myKey=nullptr, Uint32 iKeySize=0)
 Load a CDC file.

Detailed Description

Archive Manager class.