CRM64Pro GDK v0.11.0
A free cross-platform game development kit built on top of SDL 3.0
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Core modules

Detailed Description

Logic module containing the 'core' modules: Main, Log, etc.


 v2.00 (23 June 2023)
The Main module manages and provides access to the rest of modules.
 v1.20 (30 April 2023)
The Log module includes the Log Manager and Log for handling the logs output of the application and the GDK itself.
 v4.10 (18 February 2024)
The Config module includes the Config Manager and Screen for handling general, audio and video configuration settings of the GDK.
 v1.20 (30 April 2023)
The Archive module includes the Archive Manager and Archive Objects for managing the CDC files.
 v1.10 (23 April 2023)
The XML module includes the XML Manager and XML objects providing a full XML parsing system.
 v1.00 (22 June 2023)
The Timer interface manages all timing related stuff: timer control, Render Frame Rate, Logic Frame Rate and microbenchmarks.
 v2.00 (23 June 2023)
The Tool interface provides some generic and useful methods.
 Memory Manager
 v2.00 (26 June 2023)
Memory Manager module providing a very high performance and thread-safe memory allocation functions.