CRM64Pro GDK v0.11.0
A free cross-platform game development kit built on top of SDL 3.0
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Archive Object class. More...

Inherits CRM64Pro::ObjectBase.


struct  Block

Public Member Functions

Sint32 info (Sint32 iMode=0)
 Request CDC object information.
Sint32 getName (string &sName)
 Get the name.
Uint32 getID ()
 Get the ID.
Sint32 blockAdd (Block &myBlock)
 Add a data block.
Sint32 blockAddFile (const string &sFile, eArchiveBlockStore eABS=ABS_COMPRESSED)
 Add a file.
Sint32 blockDelete (Block &myBlock)
 Delete a data block.
Sint32 blockUndelete (Uint32 iBlock, Block &myBlock)
 Recover a deleted data block.
Sint32 blockSearch (Block &myBlock)
 Search for a given data block.
Sint32 blockAt (Uint32 iBlock, Block &myBlock)
 Access to the given data block position.
Sint32 blockLoad (Block &myBlock)
 Load a data block.
Sint32 blockLoadReleaseData (Block &myBlock)
 Free a loaded data block.
Uint32 getUsedBlocks ()
 Get the number of used data blocks.
Uint32 getMaxBlocks ()
 Get the number of maximum data blocks.
float getFragmentation ()
 Get the fragmentation.
Sint32 secure (const unsigned char *myKey, Uint32 iKeySize)
 Secure the CDC.
Sint32 unSecure ()
 Unsecure a CDC file.

Detailed Description

Archive Object class.