CRM64Pro GDK v0.11.0
A free cross-platform game development kit built on top of SDL 3.0
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Cursor Object class. More...

Inherits CRM64Pro::ObjectBase.

Public Member Functions

Sint32 info (Sint32 iMode=0)
 Request Cursor object information.
Sint32 getName (string &sName)
 Get the name.
Uint32 getID ()
 Get the ID.
Sint32 assignImage (Sint32 idImage, Sint32 iOwnership=0)
 Assign an Image to this cursor.
Sint32 getImage ()
 Get the assigned Image of this cursor.
Sint32 build ()
 Build the cursor.
Sint32 setHotSpot (Sint32 iHotX, Sint32 iHotY)
 Set the cursor hotspots.
Sint32 getHotSpot (Sint32 *iHotX, Sint32 *iHotY)
 Get the cursor hotspots.
Sint32 save (const string &sFileCDC)
 Save the cursor to a CDC file.
Sint32 save (Sint32 idCDC)
 Save the cursor to a CDC file.

Detailed Description

Cursor Object class.